Assortment Boxes

Our assorted collections are only $20.95 per pound attractively boxed, making an impressive gift.  Available in 1lb., 2lb., 3 lb., and 5lb. boxes.

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Holidays & Chocolates

There is no better way to express your feelings than a sweet gift of chocolate from Richey’s homemade chocolates of Bradenton, Florida.

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Other Richey’s Treats

At Richey’s Chocolates, we also have an assortment of other fine treats like; homemade fudge, peanut brittle, caramel corn and so much more. 

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News, Specials, & Events


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Welcome to Richey’s Fine Chocolates

Richey’s remains one of the few candy shops in America offering hand made chocolates.  The process is meticulous, ensuring that taste and freshness is uncompromised.  We take great pride in providing the highest quality product using pure chocolate, real cream, fresh butter and fresh roasted nuts.  Preservatives are never used in the creation of more then 130 varieties of chocolates: Milk Chocolate, dark chocolate, toffee, caramel, nut clusters, fudge, creams and more.

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